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The Wine Militia

Napa, CA

About The Wine Militia

Revolutionary Wine Experiences & Events

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the wine mi·li·tia /m?'li-SH?/ noun: a trained group of elite wine specialists; raised from the civil population to combat pretentious wine snobbery and execute unique dynamic wine sensory experiences.

Our mission is to always delight our guests. We strive to deliver swanky, fun, and creative wine experiences that tilt the guests perception on wine into curiosity and intrigue to learn more. Our goal is to connect the guest with their memories through wine while building new ones.

Our Story
In 2008, The Wine Militia was born, breathing new life into dusty old wine programs and giving patrons a refreshed perspective and opportunity to participate in new brilliant experiences. From wine blending games, themed dinner parties, to exclusive blind tastings, Engel has worked hard to make wine more and more relevant for more people.

Notable Features

  • Corporate Events
  • Family Friendly
  • Family Owned
  • Open Late (Seasonal)
  • Special Events
  • Weddings

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