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This collection covers many of the common questions and answers regarding managing your reservations, passports and ticket purchases.

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Why do I have to book reservations for your featured properties?

Many of our partners have very limited space due to local permitting laws.

Updated over a week ago

How long does it take to receive a Confirmation or purchase receipt email?

In most cases, just seconds. AOL, Yahoo and other bigger networks may delay their delivery to you.

Updated over a week ago

Why do some properties required a credit card to book?

Our properties go to great lengths to prepare for your arrival and just like many other services, they want to make sure that you’ll arrive- and on time.

Updated over a week ago

Can I Book a Reservation Directly with the Property?

Yes, you sure can!

Updated over a week ago

What if I need to change my reservation?

When plans change, CellarPass allows a convenient way to make changes.

Updated over a week ago

Can I call CellarPass about my reservation?

Have a question about your reservation? Get instant answers with our Live Chat and our FAQ.

Updated over a week ago

I'm a Concierge, can I book on behalf of my Guests?

Yes, and we’ll reward you for it!

Updated over a week ago

Why do you not have properties or events in all states?

CellarPass started in California and continues to expand into other states. Be sure to check out our website as new states are added as our coverage expands.

Updated over a week ago

Why can't I book back-to-back reservations?

Travel time is important- especially in busy regions that can have traffic congestion during peak season

Updated over a week ago

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