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Chateau Potelle
St. Helena, CA

We promise a St. Helena Wine Tasting experience that is innovative, intimate, convivial & extraordinary. Enjoy our unique Food & Wine Pairings, with food bites from the Michelin starred Chef Ken Frank of the famed La Toque Restaurant.

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It is our honor to have you visit our Tasting Home & Garden in St. Helena and taste the wines of our family boutique winery.

Despite our 30 years in the Napa Valley, we continue to be an anomaly. We love what we do and we do it with all our heart. We love our customers and love rubbing elbows with them. For that reason, we sell our wines exclusively to you, our private customers, and not in restaurants and stores.

Our vision at Chateau Potelle is to produce wines with style and character that are representative of their birth place, Mt. Veeder. Like for each of us, our "roots" provide us with an unique culture, a set of mores and traditions...a style and character. After all, people from the California coast and the hills of Tennessee embody vast differences! Our job as winemakers is to respect and exploit the unique qualities of our "roots" ...to craft wines with a sense of style and personality.

Chateau Potelle has built a solid reputation for its avant-garde approach and for its commitment to quality. This experience is an opportunity for you taste the product of our passion.
You will Love it!

Take your time and enjoy.

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