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About Lake County Winery Association

The Lake County wine region, home to Clear Lake, one of America's oldest fresh-water lakes and the cleanest air in California welcomes you! Our wine region is blossoming with over 8,700 acres planted to vines and more than 30 wineries and tasting rooms. In the heart of Northern California's Coastal Range, the region spans a range of terrain shaped by volcanic and tectonic forces. The combination of altitude, climate, and soils plus the careful selection of winegrape varieties sets the stage for a unique and delicious wine experience. Visit our friendly tasting rooms. Hear about the passion and commitment that goes into making the wines. As you make your way around the area, feast your eyes on the the natural beauty of the region. Visit our webpage at Lakecountywineries.org. Taste Lake County and fall in love with our wines!

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Lake County Winery Association
P.O. Box 1474
Kelseyville, CA 95451
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